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We have Plenty sellers with different type products and stores.
Customers can contact our sellers via their contact us form on their stores and sellers can display their contact details e.g their physical shop/office address, phone numbers, business banners and their business email address.

Top quality

Chivalrous Sales is an online marketplace where manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and end-users meet to transact business online. Chivalrous Sales aim is to make business easier, by enlisting companies and individual marketers reach out to potential customers in the world at large through digital marketing.

Always creative

We believe in creativity, and quality because quality brings quantity while quantity without quality is dilapidation. 

The best way to create 'attention' is to create ATTRACTION. So, we admonish all our sellers to sale only quality products here on ChiValRous SaleS Marketplace in order to create a lasting business relationship with their customers because "a Good Name is better than a Precious Ointment". 

Cost savings

Since Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers  are selling here on ChiValRous SaleS, be sure to get what you are looking for here on our marketplace at affordable prices. Always make use of our search engine, to search for that products you want and best prices as well.

Meet Our Teams

About Paul Chibuike

Paul Chibuike is also the owner of  and the C.E.O of 

Paul Chibuike is an entrepreneur who so much believe in creativity, love simplicity, hate dishonesty, a web designer and digital marketer.

About Dolapo Okekunle

The future belongs to those who have the courage to believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Dolapo Okekunle is a well trained marketer who specializes in business management and customer relationship 

About Paul Christian

Give a child fish - love disturbance and teach a child how to catch fishes - hate disturbance.

Paul Christian is the founder and managing director of Shining City Boutique a.k.a Christian Boutique.

Paul Christian is the mentor of fashion, and a business tycoon.